Alexei Strasser
Alexei Strasser

Alexei Strasser

Hi there! 👋

It's me, Alexei.

5x Founder
10+ Startup Investor
Former Pro Athlete
Former Poker Pro

It all started while I was trying to master the game of poker during my studies back in 2007. It was then that I got the funds and the idea to found my first business. Ever since I've been hooked, continuously building (show more) 👨‍💻 as well as investing in startups (show list) 💸

Between 2012 and 2016 I pursued a professional Beach Volleyball career. While travelling the world, I used idle times to teach myself programming including mobile and web development - a personal enabler that has been invaluable since.

Up to this day, I'm thrilled to come up with ideas and build products from ground up, get out in the woods, hit the keyboard for long hours, and pick up the next big skill ...and hear about how others are doing it!

Anything you would love to have a chat about? Ping me for ☕️ in Zurich or a remote exchange.



🚀 If you're looking for an additional boost in the following areas, I got you covered, or know someone who does:

Product & Tech Consulting • The hidden Gems 💎
Software Development • Web, Mobile, AI integrations 💻
Lean Startup Coaching • How to be fast 🏎️
Founder Coaching • Find your true A-game 🎯